Project Team

Borough's Team & Technical Advisory Committee

The core municipal project team includes the mayor, two council members, and planning and engineering consultant staff. In addition, the project will receive guidance from a diverse Steering Advisory Committee (SAC), which will serve as a resource for outreach to the local communities and can help guide the project by providing input and feedback on consultant work products. The purpose of the SAC is to provide local expertise and guidance on technical issues relating to planning, design, economic development, engineering, local initiatives, and the plan’s goals and objectives. The SAC will also assist in providing data, planning documents and other materials; providing regional coordination; and providing input on draft products. The TAC will consist of:

  • Mayor Collette Kennedy
  • Councilman Dennis F Fotopoulos
  • Councilwoman Victoria Pacheco
  • Jay Delaney, Borough Administrator
  • Trevor Taylor, Borough Engineer
  • Peter Van Den Kooy, Borough Planner
  • Mark Sessa, Planning Board Chairman
  • David Olsen, Zoning Officer
  • Bob Kutschman, Public Works Superintendent
  • Matt Zingraff, CME
  • Mark Hafner, Police Chief
  • Shannon Torres, Police Captain
  • Ken Krohe, Keyport First Aid Squad Chief
  • Anthony Rapall, Board of Education Business Administrator
  • Dr. Lisa Savoia, Board of Education Superintendent
  • Jack Straub, Downtown Business District
  • Janet Torsney, Library Director
  • Madeline Costello, Senior Center Director
  • Nicole Henn, Neighborhood Preservation Program Coordinator
  • Tom Gallo, Clean Communities Coordinator
  • Dave Schmetterer, Monmouth County Principal Planner

Consultant Team

The project is being led by Fitzgerald & Halliday, Inc (FHI), who are experts in land use planning that sets the framework for public and private sector clients to realize their vision for the future. FHI’s land-use professionals support communities by provide comprehensive planning, redevelopment, zoning, placemaking, and transit-oriented development (TOD) planning services. In every effort, FHI tries to provide a high quality of life for all through smart, equitable, and sustainable growth that promotes community.

Street Plans will join the team to lead the demonstration project and bring their experience in advancing municipal/citizen-led innovative practices to test and implement projects for a range of public, private, and non-profit clients, also known as Tactical Urbanism.