Stay Informed & Get Involved

It is our goal for residents, business owners, and stakeholders to be able to give input and collaborate on the creation of the Complete Streets Policy and Implementation Plan. You can always come back here to find out about the next opportunity to get involved. We also suggest that you click the Stay Informed button below, which will allow you to get information about upcoming events, opportunities for public comment and project updates.

Opportunities for Collaboration and Engagement

Right now, the project is in the initial phase when the consultant team is reading previous plans and gathering data. However, soon there will be opportunities for you to be involved in the process. Those will include:

Steering Advisory Committee

A group of local public officials, business representatives, and highly involved residents that will be among the first to review study documents and provide feedback before they are finalized.

Online Surveys

A survey to help the project team identify the extent to which participants have had experience with complete streets elements in other areas and agree with the plan’s goals and vision.


The project team will hold an online workshop to educate residents about key findings from the existing conditions analysis and to gather input on what it’s like walking, biking, taking transit, driving, and parking in the Borough. These workshops will allow participants to have direct input into the design of streets.

Demonstration Project

The Borough will be sponsoring a demonstration project, which will allow the public to see one of the plan’s recommendations in place as part of a temporary installation. The public is invited to give feedback about what is and is not working, before more substantial investments are made.

Interactive Mapping

The project team will create an interactive map that allows users to identify known issues in the study area. This may include dangerous intersections, sidewalks gaps, and locations where bike lanes abruptly end, among other locations. This data will help the project team target areas for further investigation.