About the Study

NJTPA Background

The NJTPA This project is being funded by the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA). The NJTPA is the federally funded Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the northern New Jersey region, home to 6.7 million people and covering over one-half of the state’s land area. The NJTPA Board consists of 20 voting members: representatives from the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT), New Jersey Transit Corporation (NJ TRANSIT), and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ); a Governor’s Representative; a Citizens’ Representative; and one elected official from each of the thirteen (13) northern New Jersey counties and from the cities of Newark and Jersey City. Somerset County Freeholder Deputy Director Sara Sooy represents the County on the NJTPA Board of Trustees. The NJTPA conducts comprehensive long-range transportation planning and annually oversees over $2 billion in transportation investments, for one of the most dynamic and complex transportation systems in the nation. The NJTPA sponsors and conducts studies, assists member planning agencies (known as NJTPA “subregions”), and provides a forum for inter-agency cooperation and public input into funding decisions.

Emerging Centers

This project is part of the NJTPA’s Planning for Emerging Centers program. The program provides technical assistance to municipalities to create more sustainable, transit-supportive and walkable communities, and supports comprehensive approaches to strategic planning at the local level. Through this program, the NJTPA provides consultant and staff support to municipalities to conduct various planning studies including integrating transportation into land use plans, transit area plans, multimodal (e.g. vehicular, bus, bike, pedestrian) circulation elements of master plans, climate change and sustainability plans and others.

The program seeks to advance the goals found in the NJTPA’s Long Range Transportation Plan (Plan 2045) and implement the strategies and actions developed through Together North Jersey, a consortium of public, private and non-profit groups that developed a Regional Plan for Sustainable Development. The NJTPA has been a leading partner in the Together North Jersey planning effort.

Project Goals

The primary goal of this study is to develop a Complete Streets Policy and Implementation Plan that will aim to improve community and transportation safety, comfort, and accessibility for people of all ages and abilities. The results of this effort will improve the Borough of Keyport’s ability to:

To achieve the above outcomes, the complete streets planning effort will: