Keyport Complete Streets
Policy & Implementation Plan

One Week Demonstration Project Launches Friday!

Draft Reports Open for Public Review

The Keyport Complete Streets Design Guide is now ready for public review and comment. The document will serve as the foundation for complete streets planning in Keyport.

Project Description

“Complete Streets” are designed and operated with the safety, mobility, and accessibility needs of users of all ages and abilities in mind. As such, they are streets that are safe and convenient for pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders, and drivers of all ages and abilities. The Planning for Emerging Centers Borough of Keyport Complete Streets Policy and Implementation Plan will help the Borough build a network of complete streets through the development of two critical documents:

1. A Complete Street Policy and Ordinance: The ordinance will institutionalize and streamline the integration of complete streets elements into future municipal transportation planning and land use decisions. The ordinance will establish procedures for evaluating street projects to ensure that they meet the needs of all users.

2. A Complete Streets Design Guide: The design guide will guide the design, construction, and implementation of the complete streets ordinance. The design guide will include “street typologies” that include recommended lane widths, pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, and stormwater management techniques, among other strategies.

Why Complete Streets?

Complete streets planning is about more than mobility choices. A commitment to building complete streets is a commitment to examine how transportation infrastructure impacts residents’ and visitors’ ability to access employment and key services, enjoy recreation and cultural amenities, and live healthy lives, among many other factors. The implementation of complete streets policies and guidelines is deeply tied to questions of municipal priorities: should the Borough prioritize equity, safety, livability, and connectivity in transportation decision-making? This plan is about building upon the numerous planning efforts that have already been undertaken by the Borough to promote safety and accessibility for all roadway users. It is about maintaining the high level of community engagement and support already established by and within the Borough for a Complete Streets policy. It is about promoting economic sustainability and resiliency through sound, context sensitive design and policy recommendations for balanced development. Finally, it is about providing the Borough of Keyport with a replicable methodology and toolbox to implement Complete Streets improvements in a responsive and efficient manner.

This is YOUR Plan

The Consultant Team and the NJTPA are supporting the creation of a community-driven plan that is written in collaboration with residents, business owners, and stakeholders. As such, there will be ample opportunities to get involved in the process. First and foremost, we suggest that you click the “Stay Informed” button below which will allow you to get information about upcoming events, opportunities for public comment and project updates. For more information about how you can participate, see the Say Informed & Get Involved page of this site.

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Project Timeline


Existing Conditions Analysis

August 2020


Surveys and Comment Review

October - November, 2020


Community Workshop

November – December, 2020


Plan Development

October 2020 – March 2021


Plan Finalization

June 2021